Moving publications

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WARNING: Moving a publication can have consequences for its content and availability, so please read the details below carefully before moving a publication.


Listed as one of the additional options per publication is the option to move the publication to a different group. To complete the move, simply select the destination group and confirm the change.

It is important to keep the window open until the publication is moved successfully.

If a publication is moved to a different group:

  • The Reader might look different and show different menu options;
  • The publication's product details will be updated according to the feed that is being imported into its new host group;
  • And most noticeably, the publication's URL will change which effectively means that the publication can no longer be opened using its old URL or embed code.



What you need to know about moving publications

Here is a complete overview of how moving a publication can impact different elements of the publication, group or account:

Publication state

  • Moving a publication to a different group will turn it offline (regardless of what state is was in before moving);
  • The dates selected in the Schedule option will remain set and will show according to the timezone selected for the new group;
  • Metatags on the publication level are reset. This means no metatags will be selected after the publication has been moved. The metatags available in the new group will be available for selection;
  • When Related Publications is enabled and set to Automatic Selection it will now show online publications from the new group with the same setting applied;
  • When Related Publications is enabled and set to Manual Selection the resulting list of related publications remains the same;
  • When a password is set, it remains unchanged.

Publication URL

  • The publication URL will change according to the group it is moved into. If a custom domain is connected to the destination group, the publication's new URL will adopt this domain;
  • If the exact publication name is already used by one of the publications in the destination group, a unique and random part will be added to the URL of the publication that moved.


  • Dynamic hotspots will remain marked as dynamic hotspots after moving. If the publication is moved to another group, the default Product Theme will be applied to the dynamic product hotspots;
  • For Product hotspots, if the new group has a feed connected, the products will be updated based on matching product IDs. Products that don't have a matching product ID in the new group's feed will remain unchanged but will also no longer be synchronised (these are converted to custom products);
  • New products can be added using the imported data from the new group's feed.

Reader Settings

  • The publication will adopt the Publication Reader settings from the group it is moved into (e.g. menu items, colours and branding, code injection, hotspot icons and hover texts).
  • Publication specific settings are copied over and will remain the same, with one exception: Unless a custom SEO Title is set, it will use the new group name after it has been moved.


  • Once the publication is moved to a different group, traffic generated from that moment forward will be registered under its new group.


TIP: Create a duplicate of the publication you wish to move and then move the duplicate. This way you can keep the original publication live under the original URL until you processed the new URL on all your channels. Afterwards you can archive the original publication to clean up the list of publications.