Showing related publications

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Add links to related publications and help users browse through other available publications, like previous catalogs. The Related Publications appear on the right side of the desktop reader. On mobile, they are accessible through the reader menu, and they also appear at the end of the publication.

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NOTE: If a publication is embedded using the embed code and viewed on desktop, the Related Publications appear after clicking on the Open button. If preferred, use an HTML iframe to embed the full reader directly onto a webpage.

Adding Related Publications

Click on the title of a publication to enable Related Publications in the Publication settings tab. Afterward, choose either manual or automated selection, depending on what publications you wish to show. In both scenarios, selected publications will be visible when they are Online but remain hidden as long as they are Offline or Unlisted.

Locating Related Publications:

Automatic selection

By selecting the Automatic selection, the publication will list related publications that:

  • Are found in the same group
  • Also have Related Publications enabled
  • Also apply Automatic selection
  • Are Online

Automatic selection, the quickest way to generate a list of Related Publications:

Manual selection

With the Manual selection, a custom selection of publications is displayed, where the publications:

  • Can be selected from different groups
  • Do not require Related Publications to be enabled
  • Are Online

Offline and Unlisted publications can be selected but will appear only when the status changes to Online: