Keeping products in sync with your product feed


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Using product hotspots, you can add product details by simply looking up the correct products from the data you've imported from your product feed.

Each product is kept in sync with the product feed through its unique product ID. So, every time the feed is imported, the system will look up the used product IDs in the updated feed and make sure details like the prices are kept up to date.



Below, you can find some more information that can help you make necessary changes or troubleshoot issues with the product details:

  • If a product ID cannot be found in the feed, the details will remain unchanged.
  • If a product image has been updated, but it does not show in the hotspot, make sure that the image URL in the feed is also updated (different from the URL used before).
  • If multiple products share the same product ID, only one of them gets imported into Publitas.
  • If the price is zero, the price will not be displayed in the hotspot.
  • To update the details manually, you need to disable the sync with the feed for that product. This is to avoid the sync will undo these changes.
  • Setting up your product feed