Using Google Sheets to host your TSV feed


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Using Google Sheets, you can create and host a product feed using the TSV format.

Below, you can find detailed instructions about how you can host your feed via Google Sheets. This process works whether you have a file with tab-separated values (TSV), a file with comma-separated values (CSV), an Excel file, or whether you've already collected all product data in Google Sheets.

Here's how it works:

  1. Create a new Google Sheet
  2. Go to File > Import
  3. Upload the TSV file via the Upload tab*
  4. Select the following settings before clicking on Import data:

  5. Make sure the content meets the TSV requirements, specifically the headers in the first row: Setting up your Product Feed
  6. Click on Share at the top and change the visibility to Anyone with the link
  7. Now click Copy link
  8. Remove the final part of the link, /edit#gid=0, and replace it with /export?format=tsv
  9. Use the resulting URL in Publitas to import your product feed and use the imported data to create Product Hotspots

You can repeat steps 2-4 in case you have a new version available of the feed, after which you can import the product feed again in Publitas:


*This process will also work in case your feed uses comma or semicolon-separated values (CSV).