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[UA] Event tracking using the preset Google Analytics configuration in Google Tag Manager

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⚠️ Universal Analytics no longer processes data for standard GA accounts.
For GA360 accounts, data will stop processing on July 1, 2024.
Make sure you connect your publications to GA4 to avoid losing data.


This article helps you understand how Event Tracking works when you have set up Universal Analytics via Google Tag Manager using the preset configuration.

User-generated key events are stored in Google Analytics with an applicable category, action, and label assigned. These can be found in Google Analytics at Behavior > Events > Top Events.


Reporting events in Google Analytics:


Below is an overview of all the tracked events if the preset configuration is used. In Google Tag Manager, you can also assign different values from the data layer to use for the event labels or assign custom values to selected event categories or event actions.

Event Category Event Action Event Label Logged when...
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