Introduction to the Publitas API


Publitas offers many features to help you publish your publications online and link products to your online store with ease to support your online marketing strategy. If you're on the Enterprise plan the Publitas API provides ways to create new solutions that aren't available out-of-the-box. These custom solutions can help you integrate the publications into your online environment, creating an even more seamless user experience for both you and your customers.

Below you'll find a brief overview of the Publitas API and what opportunities it may hold for you.

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The Publitas API consists of the following sections:

RSS Feed (legacy)

For each group of publications, there is an RSS feed that contains a list of all its online publications and the assets required to publish them on your site (e.g., cover image, title, and share link). This is an excellent tool if you have multiple publications online simultaneously, as you can leverage the RSS feed to automate the appearance and validity of each catalog on your site.

There is also a version of the RSS feed that looks at all online publications and produces search results based on the keywords submitted. Using this feature, you can expand your site's search function to also include results from the pages of your publications.

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This REST helps you access every asset used to render your online publications. You'll be able to obtain the technical details of a publication, including its pages and hotspots. These assets can support other custom integrations that tie into or are related to your online publications.

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The REST API v2 gives you almost full control over your publications. You can create, edit and publish online publications without having to access the Publitas app. This part of the API offers valuable solutions to reduce the manual effort necessary to keep up with daily processes involved with managing publications in larger volumes and high frequencies.

You can also use this feature to automate the appearance of your publications in your mobile APP.

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Viewer JavaScript API v1

Assign custom actions to hotspots, add a shopping cart button to the menu or open external content in a popup window using the Viewer JavaScript API. 
This part of the API is most useful for creating an integrated shopping experience where you connect the hotspots directly to your site's shopping functionality (read more).

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Viewer Message API

This feature helps you detect state changes which you can use to trigger custom events. For example, you can trigger an exit survey on the last page of a publication.

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