Adding or removing individual pages

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If you're on the Enterprise plan, please read: Editing your pages via the Page Manager

The Replace PDF option in Publitas offers a way to update all pages of your publication. It does not support adding or removing pages. If such changes are required, we recommend applying the necessary changes to the PDF outside of Publitas first.

Once you have updated your PDF, you can use the Replace PDF option in Publitas to upload the latest version. As soon as the PDF has been converted successfully, make sure to activate it by clicking on “Use this PDF.”

What happens to the existing hotspots after uploading a new PDF?

In case the publication already contains hotspots, note that the hotspots will not shift as the pages do. This means that all hotspots located after the page(s) you have added or removed will need to be moved manually. In order to easily move the hotspots so that they will align with the content again, you can use the copy/paste option to move the hotspots on a single spread all at once.

To select all hotspots on a single spread, use the default cursor in the editor (hit Esc to activate it) and draw a rectangle over all of the hotspots, or hold the shift button and select all of the hotspots by clicking on them. Once the hotspots have been selected, you can use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste the hotspots onto the correct page.

Note that if you copy hotspots from a single page (like the cover and back page) and paste it onto a spread, the hotspots will be stretched out to fit the dimensions of the spread. This means you will need to scale down each hotspot.

In case you have added pages to the PDF:

Locate the last page containing hotspots, and use the copy/paste option to place the hotspots on the correct page. Work your way back to the location where the new pages were inserted.

In case you have removed pages from the PDF:

Make sure to correct the hotspots before activating the new content at Replace PDF. Start by deleting the hotspots which correspond to the deleted content. Then move all hotspots to the left, starting at the first spread after the deleted content. Once finished, you can activate the new content at Replace PDF.