Using Channable to set up a product feed

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If you are using Channable for managing your product feed Publitas, you can find Publitas as one of the channels you can choose from when creating a new feed. This means that once your online store’s data is imported into Channable, you can select Publitas as a channel, and a product feed will be created that conforms to Publitas’ specifications. All you have to do then is take that feed and import it into Publitas. Let’s find out how to do that.


Creating a Publitas feed with Channable

You’ll first need to log in to your (or sign up for a) Channable account and import your online store’s product data. Since importing an online store’s product data is different for every store, this is best guided by Channable and, therefore, not explained in this article.

Once you’ve imported your online store’s data to Channable, here are the steps you can take to create a Publitas feed:

In Channable, click Channels -> Add new channel. The following screen will open:


Fill in the fields with the following information:

  • Name - You can use whatever name you like to use for the Publitas feed.
  • Country - The country is used to filter the available channels. Select the Netherlands as a country, as Publitas is based in the Netherlands.
  • Channel - Select Publitas. If you can’t find Publitas among the channels, you can easily use the search field to narrow down the available channels even more.
  • Channel market - Leave on Standard. For the Publitas channel there are no other options here.
  • Activated - Leave on Active - scheduled to keep your feed activated.

Once all the fields have been filled out, click on Continue.

Next, you’ll be taken to the Categories step, which can be skipped. On the Rules step, you can exclude and adjust products, feel free to read more about this feature on the Channable support pages. The next step you’ll need to look at is the Finalize step. Here, you can see how the fields from your data feed (Internal field) are mapped to the fields for the Publitas specification (Export field name).


You can review the information and select different internal fields if necessary. All of the blue fields are mandatory for the Publitas specification, so make sure you provide those. The sale price is optional.

Once you’ve reviewed how the fields are mapped, you can click Save & Run to generate a product feed that can be imported to Publitas. You’ll see a link that you can copy and paste in Publitas.


Importing the feed to Publitas

To import the feed to Publitas, login to Publitas and click on more options next to the group name in the top-left corner: ••• -> Product Feed. In this menu, select + Add a Product Feed URL.

Paste the link from Channable in the Product feed URL and click Save & Import Feed. Once the import is done, your products should be available in our hotspot editor to make tagging products a whole lot easier.