Updating the publication name in the URL

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The name you've selected when creating the publication is also used to create a unique URL to share the publication with. The name will be optimized slightly to align with URL standards.
For example, Indoor & Outdoor catalog 2020 will end up in the URL as indoor-outdoor-catalog-2020.

As long as the publication is offline and before you share the URL with anyone, you can update the publication-specific name in the URL in the publication's Settings menu:

  1. Go to the publication Settings by clicking on the name of the publication or via ••• > Settings
  2. Switch the toggle to Edit URL
  3. Enter a new unique name to use at the end of the URL
  4. Click on Save & Update Publication at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Since URLs are publication-specific the publication name needs to be unique and not used by a different publication within the same group of publications. Also, see How can I use the same URL for new publications?