The REST API v2 gives you almost full control over your publications. You can create, edit, filter, and publish online publications without having to access the Publitas app. It offers valuable solutions to reduce the manual effort necessary to keep up with daily processes involved with managing publications in larger volumes and high frequencies.

Supported actions: 

  • List all groups of your account
  • List all publications of a group (both offline and online)
  • Get the details of a specific publication
  • Create a publication
  • Update a publication
  • Mark publications online or offline
  • List all metatags of a group
  • Get a specific metatag
  • Create a metatag
  • Update a metatag
  • Delete a metatag

Possible applications for the API:

  • Automate the appearance of your publications on your website or in your mobile APP, using Metatags to filter out specific publications

  • Create new publications in larger quantities by connecting Publitas to your own content system or build your own upload portal.

Technical documentation:

you'll find technical details of the different methods documented here:

Obtaining an API_key

In order to use the REST API v2 you'll need the Publitas Enterprise version. We can generate the required API_key for you which will be connected to one of the admin users of your account.

You can send a request to along with the email address of the admin user you wish the API_key to be connected to. Within one business day you will receive the new API_key.