Passing through URL parameters, appended to the publication URL

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Configuring UTM parameters in Publitas versus passing URL parameters

The option is located in the Advanced Settings tab of the Publication Reader menu. With the option enabled, the Reader will look for URL parameters appended to the publication URL and automatically append the same parameters to all outgoing links when found and clicked in the publication.

Transferred URL parameters will not replace URL parameters that already exist in the URL found in the publication.

Feature: Pass URL parameters

When to pass URL parameters

Consider this feature whenever important information is present before a publication is viewed, which needs to be preserved whenever traffic is sent to a publication and links in the publication take the user (back) to your site.

For example, your checkout flow relies on selecting a specific store, reseller, or sales representative. In this case, you can use this automation to pass along the unique ID of the selected sales representative, store, or reseller when sending a targeted email or newsletter that links directly to a publication. 

When NOT to pass URL parameters 

Do not have the Reader pass any parameters that already exist in the publication or which are already covered by automations in Publitas.

For example, do not pass along UTM tracking parameters that already exist in the hotspot URLs or that are automated by Publitas.