Managing the visibility of your publications

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Assigning a new status to a publication:  



When a publication is Offline you can only view it when you are logged in to your Publitas account. This status allows you to prepare new online publications without anyone having access until you are happy with the results.  


When a publication is Unlisted your publication is accessible by anyone who has its direct link. You can find the direct link via the Share option in Publitas and share it with a select audience, embed it onto a private webpage or behind a login on your website.You can also use this state to preview the publication on mobile device, without search engines picking up on the link as well, which you can combine with password protection to be extra safe.

Also see How to make a publication private


When a publication is Public your publication is accessible by anyone who has the direct link as well as search engines. You can also embed the publication on your website using the embed code found in the Share option.

Publications with the Public status are optimized for search engines (SEO), to help you generate organic traffic to the publication. Check out Optimizing online publications for search engines to learn more about this.
Also check out Scheduling publications to automatically go Public or Offline