Link to an email address or phone number in your publication

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You can use Link hotspots to link to an email address or a phone number in your publication. Visitors will be able to start writing an email to the clicked email address or choose to call the selected phone number.  

NOTE: For the email option to work, a default Email client needs to be configured in the browser. For example, here is how you set Gmail as the default email client. If a phone number is clicked on a mobile device, it will redirect the user to the Phone application. When the telephone link is clicked on a desktop device, depending on the browser, it will show the user a list of applications to use for making a call (e.g., Skype).  

Here's how you add a link that points to an email address or phone number:

  1. Open the hotspot editor via the Edit option


  2. Select the Link option on the left or hit L on your keyboard to draw a Link Hotspot


  3. In the URL field, add the email address with the prefix mailto: (e.g. or add the phone number with the prefix tel: (e.g. tel:0031858880949)


  4. You can also update the hint on the hover and the appearance of the icon.