Data traffic allowance


What is the monthly data traffic allowance my plan allows?

The data traffic per GB monthly allowance is as follows: 

  1. Legacy Free: 10GB/month

  2. Bronze: 100GB/month

  3. Silver: 250GB/month

  4. Gold: 500GB/month

  5. Enterprise: 1000GB/month

How much data traffic do I have left? When does my allowance reset?

You can keep track of your monthly allowance in your Publitas Account (except for Enterprise plans - coming soon). Log in, go to the top right button in the main navigation, select 'Manage account', then under the tab: 'Plan & Usage', you can see the tracker.

You can find when it resets, how much you've used, and how much is remaining.


Selecting the button: 'Data traffic history' will give you a historical breakdown month after month.

What happens if I reach my plan data traffic allowance limit?

  1. You will be informed over email and in your account that you have reached your limit.

  2. Don't worry. We won't cut you off directly; however, if you are going over multiple times and significantly, you should look to upgrade to a higher plan. Our Sales team will also be getting in touch.

  3. Gold and Enterprise plans are eligible to buy data traffic bundles to top up. Reach out to Sales.

What impacts my data traffic consumption?

The more data traffic, the more your content is being viewed! So it's good news. Any publication that is online (Unlisted or Public) can be viewed and therefore account for your data traffic consumption.

See more about how data traffic is calculated.