Create inspirational landing pages for your website

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EARLY ACCESS: If you're interested in using this feature and you're on the Enterprise plan, reach out to your Success Manager, who can activate this for you.


Create inspirational landing pages for your website easily by embedding a publication as an interactive, vertically scrollable landing page on your website for a seamless experience on desktop and mobile.

In this digital age, we spend a good portion of our time scrolling through online content. The majority of websites and social media use vertical scrolling to present their content. In Publitas, you can enable a vertical layout for embedded publications as well so that the publication will show pages stacked vertically and present itself as part of the continuous website design.




How to get a vertically scrollable publication

  1. Navigate to the publication to embed it as a landing page
  2. Click Share button
  3. Click Embed tab
  4. Select Vertical layout and click Copy to Clipboard to copy the embed code
  5. Use this code to embed the publication in your website