Automate content creation with annotation-based tagging

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EARLY ACCESS: If you're interested in using this feature and you're on the Enterprise plan, reach out to your Success Manager who can activate this for you.


Leverage PDF annotations to automate the creation of product content in Publitas, as annotation-based hotspot tagging enables you to automatically create product hotspots in the publication with specific instructions for the position (based on annotation size and position) and hotspot configuration, as soon as the PDF is uploaded, either manually or via API. 

How to use annotations

Annotation-based tagging works as the name suggests with annotations created in PDF:

  1. Design a PDF to your liking;
  2. Add annotations in it describing where product hotspots should be placed;
  3. Upload that PDF to Publitas (manually in Publitas App or via API) and get the publication created along with all the product hotspots in Publitas as described by annotations. 

Annotation content

Annotations are written in a JSON format with a few key values:

  • Type: indicates which type of hotspots should be created; at the moment only "product" is supported;
  • Icon: indicates whether the hotspot icon should be shown or not; 
  • Dynamic: indicates whether the hotspot should be dynamic (ie, it should show product details on the page) or non-dynamic (used to simply highlight/hotspot an area on the page where product details are already shown as designed in PDF);
  • SKU: indicates which product or products should be linked to this hotspot. 

Where does the product data come from

Products are pulled into Publitas through product feeds. To learn more about product feeds, please see the Setting up your Product Feed article.


The following annotation will create a dynamic product hotspot (notice "dynamic": true) for a product with the given SKU.

{ "type": "product", "icon": true, "dynamic": true, "sku": "WP06-29-Black" }

The following annotation will create a product hotspot linking to a product with the given SKU over a specified area.  

{ "type": "product", "icon": "true", "dynamic": "false", "sku": "WP06-29-Black" }

In this example, multiple SKUs are listed, so the dynamic product hotspot created will show the first product on the page and list all other products as well when clicked. 

{ "type": "product", "icon": "true", "dynamic": "true", "sku": ["MSH05-32-Blue", "WT03-S-Red"] }

Note: All products from the array of SKUs found in the feed will be added to the hotspot in the order they were listed in the array. If a product is not found in the feed, it will not be added to the hotspot. If not even one SKU from the array is found in the feed, then the hotspot will not be created at all.

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