"Your PDF can't be converted" error

Common reasons for this error

  1. Your PDF isn't a PDF. Publitas only accepts PDF files, so please ensure your PDF is a PDF!
  2. PDF is too big. Conversion will fail if it takes too long to convert your PDF. We recommend a file size no larger than 300MB. You can use Smallpdf.com to optimize your PDF's file size. You can also reduce the DPI (dots per inch) of your PDF. We recommend a minimum of 180 DPI.
  3. PDF page sizes are too big. Avoid including large pages (width or height of more than 100cm/39 inches) within your PDF.
  4. Complex vector images. Complex vector images are difficult for our convertor to process. We recommend either simplifying them or converting them to an alternative image type.
  5. Your PDF contains more than 5,000 links. We support up to 5,000 automatically imported links. 

Still not working?

Find our full list of PDF recommendations here.
If your PDF still won't convert, please contact support.

Re-uploading your PDF

You can re-upload your fixed PDF (or a different one) with the "Try a different PDF" button.