[SPOTT] Product feeds

With a product feed, you connect directly to your database and use the products from there in the interactive layers; no more manual product inputs! Adding a product next to the feed remains possible!

1. Add your feed

  • Open the Integrations page > Product feeds
  • Click on "+ Feed"
  • Now you can link your feed:
    • Name: add a name for the feed in Spott
    • Link: the URL of the feed
    • Delimiter: , or ;


Important! It must be a .csv file that is accessible online with at least the following 3 required columns

  • ID: unique ID's for each product
  • Name: the name of the product
  • URL: link to your productpages
  • Update: how frequently should the feed update automatically take your changes into account? 
  • Auto product detect: should it be possible to auto-detect products from this feed in media
  • Headers: Fill in to read password-protected feeds with authentication headers



2. Map the feed fields


Now it is time to map the required fields to the corresponding columns. Match the correct column with the Spott system parameters.

All non-mapped columns will be available, as well as custom fields.



  • Image URL:  when your products have an image, you can select it under Image(s) as well. This should be a URL to your image. When you have multiple images per product, you can select these as well.
  • Language: when the feed contains multiple languages, you can set this here.


3. Check the feed

Your feed will be synced automatically! Refresh the page to see the sync status. When the sync is done, you can browse all products in your feed.