[Spott] multilingual feed

Multilingual feeds mean that your product is available in multiple languages.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Link 2 separate feeds
  2. Link 1 feed with more language 
  3. Check the feed connection
  4. What language do the visitors see?


1. Link 2 separate feeds

When working with multiple feeds it's important for both products (one item in multiple languages) to have the same ID.

When you are adding multiple feeds, you can select that language when connecting the feed.


2. Link 1 feed with more language 

If you have one feed with multiple products, your feed must include each product multiple times in different languages. To do this, your feed must have a column specifying the language that row is in. This column is expected to be in an ISO-639-1 format (en, de, fr, nl,....). This field is not case-sensitive.


3. Check the feed connection

  • On the automation page, check your products 
  • In the details, you will see the product variants like this


4. What language sees visitors?

When a visitor visits your interactive media, Spott will provide the products in the following order:


4.1 Embed level

You can force interactive media to always show a certain language. Define this in the Publish step and select the language you want. 


4.2 Browser language

If you didn't force one single language, the first fallback will be the browser language of the user. This is done automatically.


4.3 Computer language

If the first two techniques are not available, Spott will try to catch the computer language.

If your product is not available in the language with any of the above techniques, Spott will pick the first available language.