Publitas interactive - multilingual feed


If you're interested in using this feature and you're on the Enterprise plan, feel free to reach out to your success manager, who will discuss this further with you.

Multilingual feeds enable your products to be available in multiple languages. You can achieve this in two ways:

1. Link Two Separate Feeds

For products available in multiple languages, ensure each product has the same ID across different feeds. When adding feeds, select the language during the connection process.

2. Link One Feed with Multiple Languages

If using a single feed with multiple languages, include each product in the feed multiple times with a language-specific column. The language code should be in ISO-639-1 format (e.g., en, de, fr, nl). This field is case-insensitive.

Additional Information

Check the Feed Connection

On the automation page, verify your products. Product variants will be displayed in the details section.

Visitor Language Display

Spott displays products based on the following hierarchy:

1. Embed Level

Force a specific language during the Publish step.

2. Browser Language

If no language is forced, Spott uses the user's browser language.

3. Computer Language

As a last fallback, Spott uses the computer's language settings. If the product isn't available in any of these languages, Spott defaults to the first available language.

For more information, contact Publitas Support.