[Spott] Make a video interactive

In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of making your first interactive video. You can follow along using your content.

Step 1: Upload a video

First, upload the video you want to make interactive. 


Starting from the home page, click the “+ Project” button or drag and drop a video onto the projects page. Your videos will be uploaded automatically.



If you upload a video right after uploading, the video will be processed. This might take a few minutes. You can follow the progress when you open the video inside the Studio.


Step 2: Add layers

Click on the video you just uploaded; the Spott Studio will open, where you will make your video interactive. 

Select a layer template from the layer tab and drag and drop it on your video. The layer will be selected so you can start customizing all available options! 


Some layers require a Product:

Products contain information that will be shown on your interactive markers such as its title, price, URL,... A product can be a product, a person, random information,... In the examples shown, we use it as a product.

There are multiple ways you can add products, including connecting your full product feed. The easiest way to add products is from the Studio itself, which we'll explain in these steps.

  • Click "Create new product" on the bottom left side. A new modal will pop up.
  • Enter a name, URL, and image for the product. Click "Save" to add it.


You can also set the duration of your layer by setting an IN & OUT point. This will determine when to show the product in your video.



You can click "Preview" to see the finished.

Step 4: Publish! 🎉

Go to the "Publish" tab and select your preferred way of publishing!

Congrats! You have successfully made your first interactive video.