[SPOTT] Hubspot Integration


With HubSpot forms, you have almost limitless possibilities and can now use them in your interactive content. 

1. Connecting your Hubspot API key or App token to Spott

Our integration accepts 2 keys:

  • APIKey - you can find out how in this article (will be deprecated, please use Private Apps if possible - see below)
  • Private App Tokens - read more in this article
    • The required scope for the App is "Forms":

Next, go to Spott's integration page, click HubSpot, and copy/paste your Hubspot API key or App Token in the Hubspot section. HubSpot is now connected!



2. Adding the form

After that, you can open your interactive content and add your form to your images and videos by dragging and dropping the form Spott from your layers to the Image. In the layer options, you can choose to use a HubSpot form. 

Hubspot rendered form: