[Spott] Add a product

You can create and add products in Spott that you can link to a specific interactive layer. 

There are 3 ways to add products

1. Add a product manually

2. Add a product feed

3. Add a product via Google Sheets


Add a product manually


  • Open the Studio
  • Add a layer to your project 
  • Click the "Product" section in the Layer -> Content tab to link a product (note: not all layer types have a product section)
  • The product dialog will open, where you can select or create a new product
  • Options
    • Name: of the product 
    • Image: of the product. You can add multiple images. The first image will be shown by default
    • Link: This is the URL to your product.
    • Language: of the product description and name
    • ID: the ID of the product. If you have products in multiple languages, link them with the same ID and set a different language
    • Description: of the product
    • Price: price of the product
    • Discount: if available for the price
    • Add a field: These are flexible fields that you can use to display any information of your choice.