Single vs. Booklet/Spread Publications


Booklet Publication

Uses double-width pages, and reads like a book or magazine would be read.



 Recommended for:

  • Magazine or catalog-style publications
  • Portrait oriented publications

Formatting requirements:

  • Page height is consistent
  • Page width is consistent
  • If using pre-formatted spreads, page width should be double the single page width
  • If using single pages, they will be automatically joined with the following page to create a spread.


Single-page Publication

Read one page at a time, allowing the publication to use more of the screen. 


Recommended for:

  • Landscape orientated publications
  • Publications with only one or two pages
  • Publications designed to be viewed one page at a time

Formatting requirements:

  • Page width & height is consistent, to prevent pages stretching.
  • If your PDF contains pre-formatted spreads, they will be automatically split into single pages.