Sharing a specific page of your publication

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It is possible to share link to a specific page of your publication. While reading the publication, the share option in the menu will allow you to do so. You can also copy the URL that is updated in the browser's address bar, which will point directly to the current page.

This works for:

When looking up the direct link, make sure to use the link from the Share in Publitas, to load the publication.


Pointing to the right half of a spread, on mobile

Booklet publications use spreads, which consist of two pages stitched together. If a spread is viewed on a mobile device in portrait orientation, only one side of the spread shows by default. If you want the direct link to open the second half when visited, update the URL to point to the second page only.

For example:

By loading the links above on your mobile device, you can test this effect.