Setting up Matomo integration

Publitas integrates with Matomo Analytics, allowing you to track events in publications and save the event data in Matomo, including event category, event action, and eight custom dimensions. 

Step 1: Preparations

Connecting Matomo to your publications 

To connect your publications with Matomo, please share the following information with your Success manager:

  • Matomo instance URL where Matomo is hosted, for example,;
  • Matomo Site ID that will be used for tracking publication performance.  

The Publitas team will complete the connection setup.

Step 2: Configuration

Setting up custom dimensions in Matomo

To help create valuable reports and dashboards, Publitas event tracking in Matomo also tracks custom dimensions. These can be used to, for example, filter the data for a specific publication or list the page numbers in your reports.

To set up custom dimensions:

  1. Go to the Admin section of Matomo
  2. Select Websites > Custom Dimensions
  3. Add the following Custom Dimensions to Action Dimensions
    1. pbl_group
    2. pbl_collection
    3. pbl_publication
    4. pbl_page
    5. pbl_product_title
    6. pbl_product_id
    7. pbl_action
    8. pbl_value
  4. For each added Custom Dimension, ensure it is set to Active.

Note: Your Matomo instance interface might appear differently depending on the version of Matomo you are using. For steps on how to add custom dimensions in your version, please refer to Matomo documentation.