Can multiple users work on the same publication?


Teaming up and working on a single publication in the hotspot editor with multiple users simultaneously is possible. We do, however, recommend working on different pages.

IMPORTANT: This only applies if multiple users work on the hotspots of a publication. You should not make other changes to the pages of the publication while someone else is working on the hotspots. Avoid replacing the PDF, importing hotspots from another publication (Enterprise users), or using the Page Manager (Enterprise users) if multiple persons are in the hotspot editor of the same publication.

Divide the work and agree on a stopping point

Any changes made by other users will only show when you refresh the editor. To avoid creating the same hotspots twice or impacting the work delivered by your teammates, we recommend that each person is assigned a portion of the publication to edit, without overlap.

For example, if two people are working on a 100-page publication, one will start tagging or editing the hotspots on page 1 and stop when they get to page 50. The other person will work on pages 51 through 100.