Copy-pasting hotspots

Available_in Bronze Silver Gold ENT


In the hotspot editor (select Add hotspots), you can select, copy and paste hotspots.

Using the default selection tool, you can select a single hotspot by clicking on any hotspot, you can select multiple hotspots by dragging a rectangle over the hotspots you wish to select, or you can select multiple hotspots by holding down the Shift key on your keyboard.

Once the selection is made, you can use the shortcut Ctrl+C or Cmd+C on Mac to copy the hotspots. When you have found the page you wish to copy the hotspot onto, simply use the shortcut Ctrl+V or Cmd+V on Mac to paste the hotspots.

NOTE: By copy-pasting product hotspots (Gold and higher), you'll be creating exact copies of the selected product hotspots. If you're pasting the product hotspots in a publication from a different group (Enterprise only), these will not be synced with the product feed of the other group.

Useful applications:

  • Reused spreads or images. If your monthly magazine contains spreads or images that have been used in earlier editions as well, you can look up those spreads or images, copy the hotspots, and paste them onto a similar spread or image of the latest magazine.
  • Bookmarks. If your pages have bookmark tabs, you can tag these with Page-jump hotspots and have them point to the referenced pages. Once you've tagged all bookmarks, simply select all of them, copy them, and paste the selection on every page that uses the same bookmarks.